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Safety & Security

Secured Primises Safety and security of the students

Maintaining the safety and security of the students is one of the most important concerns for a school. For parents to be able to trust that their child is in a safe environment, a solid security system is an important factor. For a well rounded holistic development, a child’s mental, physical and emotional safety is paramount. A school should make sure that its premises provide a secured environment to the students. And to ensure this, there are an array of helpful measures that would help achieve the purpose.

At KR Mangalam World School, Bahadurgarh, we have adopted various such measures into our daily functioning so as to ensure a highly proficient system of safety and security for the students.


Watertight Visitor Management System

The school follows a watertight visitor management system. Only visitors that have been registered and/or notified by the concerned authorities are allowed to contact a student.


Well-qualified and trained security experts

A skilled team of well-qualified and trained security experts has also been taken on board by the school to be able to maintain an atmosphere of safety and security inside school premises.


Surveillance cameras on-premises

The school has 230 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras on-premises to further ensure the safety and security of its students. These cameras successfully aid our security teams in any possible moment of emergency as well as help in maintaining a tangible record of visitors.


Highly efficient medical staff equipped

In the event of a medical emergency on our premises, our school has an exceptional infirmary with a highly efficient medical staff equipped with every medical resource necessary to help students.

Safety & Security

Maintenance of orderliness and safety

Teachers follow a systemic system under which every teacher gets their duties to oversee the corridors and such at the time of lunch breaks and school dispersal. This is to ensure the maintenance of orderliness and safety.


GPS enabled buses

To ensure security off premises as well as to make transport safer for our students, all our fleet of school buses have GPS enabled in their systems, and each bus of students has a school teacher or a female companion as the acting chaperone in order to ensure safety on the buses.

Safety & Security

Regular safety audits & security assessments

Our school holds regular safety audits as well as security assessments in order to ensure that every aspect runs efficiently in the safety and security system while also managing any fields that require extra attention in terms of safety.

Counselling Session

Regular counselling sessions for security team

The school also conducts regular counseling sessions in order to always keep our security teams functioning at their optimum best, both mentally and physically.

safety workshops

Emergency drills and safety workshops

Emergency drills and safety workshops are regularly conducted, which make our security teams more efficient as well as provide our students with a basic toolkit that helps them face emergencies efficiently.